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TEST Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) is committed to supporting the breakthrough technologies that are being developed in Semiconductor and related industries.  We provide the gas delivery, gas abatement, and orbital welding, and other products & services that are fundamental to these technologies.  The innovations being developed ultimately benefit all of us – in medicine, energy, communications, and in many other areas.  We believe these advanced technologies will become even more important in the future.   As world population and demand for goods and services increase, the next generation will need to further embrace these technologies in order to effectively manage natural resources and address environmental challenges.

Many of our customers are universities and research organizations where these technologies are first cultivated.  That is why Critical Systems is now offering the Breakthrough Technologies Scholarship.  This scholarship will be awarded to 3rd or 4th year engineering/science students pursuing a career in Semiconductor and related specialty areas such as Nanotechnology, MEMS, Solar PV, Thin Film, or other advanced technologies.  There are currently 2 scholarships being awarded annually – one Spring Award, and one Fall Award. Each scholarship award is for $1000. The purpose is to help those students to meet the financial requirements as they pursue their degree, over and above any financial aid or other scholarships that they may receive.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Breakthrough Technologies Scholarship, students must meet and/or demonstrate the following:

  • Current Junior or Senior standing at an accredited United States university
  • Official transcripts that confirm a cumulative GPA of 2.75/4.0 or higher.
  • Enrollment in your school’s college of engineering or material sciences (or equivalent), with at least 12 credit hours completed towards your major.
  • Completed at least 6 credit hours of classroom and/or lab work towards your minor/certificate/specialized area of study that utilizes micro and/or nano technologies.   These credit hours can be can be part of the overall 12 credit hour requirement.
  • Successful completion of the application form and written essays
  • Financial situation and/or monetary awards, or previous scholarships have no bearing on this scholarship award

How to Apply:

Successful applicants will fully complete the Scholarship Application.  A ‘live’ version of the application form will be made available ONLY during the open periods listed below.  During those periods, the form will provide more detailed instructions on filling out and submitting your application.  Outside of the open period, a non-editable format is provided for informational purposes only.

Note:  An official transcript will need to be mailed as part of your application, and must be received by the end of the application submission period.   The application form will provide a physical address where transcripts are to be sent.

Application Submission Periods:  Open periods to submit an application will be as follows:

  • Submission Period I (Spring Award):   March 15th, 2014 – April 30th, 2014  (Closed)
  • Submission Period II (Fall Award):   September 15th, 2014 – October 31st, 2014

Scholarship Award Winner Announcements: Winners will be announced on this web page on the following dates:

  • Award Announcement for Period I Submissions (Spring Award):  May 15th, 2014  (Awarded)
  • Award Announcement for Period II Submissions (Fall Award):  November 15th, 2014

Scholarship award winners will be contacted directly at the time of announcement.

**THE FALL 2014 AWARD PERIOD IS NOW OPEN!**    Click here for the live/editable version of the form.

Previous Scholarship Award Winners can be viewed here.