We have an Air Products BCl3 gas cabinet that we want to use in a phosphine system (Gas Guard 500 cabinet). Can you convert the cabinet for us? We want to assure that our system is contamination free.

The answer here is yes and no. Successfully reconditioning a gas panel, or in this case a gas cabinet, for use in another gas requires certain measures to be taken to assure that the new gas isn’t effected by what was run in the cabinet previously. Residual gas that remains trapped in minute crevices and elastomers (regulator and valve seats for example), can react with the new gas and cause corrosion and other forms of contamination. CSI has over 12 years of successfully reconditioning gas systems and our research has shown that if we recondition a gas panel and then introduce a gas from a different family, we can get a negative reaction. However, if we introduce a gas from the same family, (Cl2 to BCl3 or AsH4 to PH3 for example) the chance for contamination all but disappears. Because of this, we only offer reconditioned cabinets that are to be used in the same family of gases, and we will strongly caution customers not to mix panels from a gas of one classification into another classification.

The issue you run into with a corrosive gas such as BCl3, is contamination/corrosion of the piping system, and damage to electropolished surfaces and seating areas of valves and regulators. Care must be taken to assure that the tubing and components in the existing system are free of contamination so the conversion to the new gas can take place. CSI can perform that evaluation for you at our facility, and if your panel contamination free, we can recondition it for future use. On the other hand, if it is contaminated, we can offer an existing pre-owned panel from the same family, or build one to your specifications.

In your case here, we would recommend not using the BCl3 panels for PH3, as the families are different and you would most likely see an issue. Our recommendation would be to have us fabricate a new panel, using your existing panel as the template, so you can drop in the new panel without need for modification. With the cabinet here, we can modify the panels and recondition the gas cabinet so it can be used in the phosphine system. This would carry CSI’s standard warranty and we can also provide on- site start up if desired.

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