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Argon Purge Restrictors: 7X savings on Argon Gas

In high purity stainless welding, creating a consistent Argon shield around the weld is essential. Creating that shield means that you must maintain a certain level of backpressure (which varies based on the fitting size). Obviously, creating backpressure means a constant flow of gas.

At Critical Systems high purity welding is central to our business. We’re also constantly looking for ways to improve things. The Argon Purge Restrictor is one of many CSI Orbital Weld Innovations (link) that has helped us and many others in high purity fabrication shops.

Argon Gas Savings

The purge restrictor does just what it says: restricts the flow of the Argon purge. The studies that we have done in our lab showed an Argon use that went from an average of 22 cu. ft/hr down to 3 cu. ft./hr, or a 7X savings on argon use. In a low to moderate use scenario, this translated to an approx. $7.60 savings per hour, or a savings of approximately $250/week.

Comfort & Efficiency

If you ask a high purity welder, one of their biggest irritations is trying to handle the small fittings after they’ve gotten hot. When welding on a 90 or a Tee (meaning multiple welds) the issue is compounded. CSI’s Purge Restrictor is made from a proprietary, non-volatile material that doesn’t produce outgassing or change shape at high temperatures. But most importantly to the welder, it doesn’t get hot, giving the welder something to hold on to as they’re working with the fittings.

Better, more consistent welds

The purge restrictor also enables a more consistent argon shield, which means fewer convex or concave welds. It also eliminates the need for using cleanroom tape, which can leave residue/contamination.

Click here to visit the CSI Innovations page, providing info on purge restrictors and other orbital welding accessories created by CSI.


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