We’re installing an Ammonia (NH3) Gas Cabinet and plan to use a DISS fitting connection for our bottle. What model/type of DISS connection do we need?

Good question and an important one.  We always recommend the DISS connection for Ultra High Purity applications for the following reasons. First, the DISS connection is a great improvement toward safe bottle change and one of the good common sense practices that has virtually eliminated cross contamination issues. The recommended connection is the 720 DISS for Ammonia (NH3). This connection is unique to the Ammonia (NH3) bottle and that of the “Pig Tail” which connects your high purity bottle to the gas delivery or gas panel in the gas cabinet.  The 720 fitting eliminates the potential to connect the wrong bottle to this panel which could cause cross contamination in your system, a very costly replacement or potentially even a catastrophic failure due to the mixing of certain gases.

Here are a couple other information sources for you on our site:  (1) this page provides cabinet requirements by gas type for all major gases used in high purity applications:  Gas Delivery Systems page;  (2) here is our DISS Gaskets page which provides more info on DISS, including handling and installation instructions: DISS & VCR Gaskets page.

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