We are purchasing a CVD tool to deposit thin film, high-k dielectrics, which means that we need to add a TMA (trimethylaluminum) gas cabinet. EH&S is saying we need a UVIR Flame Monitor for this gas cabinet. True?

Your EH&S people are right on with this recommendation.  TMA is one of the gases, along with silane, that require a UVIR flame monitor to be installed in gas cabinets and VMBs in most localities.  Check with your local fire marshal to make sure, but according to our records, TMA gets a UVIR.   TMA produces small smoke partials with a very small leak, and comes off as noticeable white smoke.  Because it is a hydrocarbon it gives off a good CO2 spike that the UVIR keys in on.  Good luck with your system and call us if you need any additional information.

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