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Gas Delivery Systems FAQ

Calculating the annual cost of energy to heat and cool a gas pad in your cleanroom or fab.

There are several ways to do this, but in all cases the site weather is the most important factor affecting the cost.
For buildings or areas within buildings that draw in quantities of outdoor air and exhaust it through equipment and are not significantly affected by solar heat gains or losses, the annual energy cost can either be determined manually using “BIN data” for the city of interest and applying thermodynamic and fluid flow equations for the fresh air and exhaust […]

Proper Cycle Purge and Other Best Practices for Maintaining Clean High Purity Gas Lines

Moisture, oxygen, or any molecular contamination are enemies to specialty gases, such as Silane (SiH4), Hydrogen Bromide (HBr), etc.   Keeping your gases clean will not only preserve your gas delivery system, but will also help maintain maximum yields on your process tool.     A well maintained gas cabinet will last for many years — conversely, a contaminated gas line can ruin a system instantly, and be a costly mistake.
Most contamination occurs during cylinder change-outs.  Here are the critical pieces to maintaining […]

Gas Cabinet or Hydrogen Generator?

For a fab manager designing a gas system at a research facility, this is a fairly common question.    As with most complex issues, the answer to the question is “it depends”.    Here is a list of the key considerations to address when making that decision:

Purity Considerations:   Many of the small (under 1 liter per minute) Hydrogen Generation systems are designed primarily for gas chromatography service. The stainless tubing inside is passivated, not electropolished, and many of these systems typically use […]

New Ultra High Purity Oxygen Generators

Semiconductor, LED, medical devices industries, and diverse laboratories have a need for all types of complex mixtures and ultra high purity (UHP) gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen.  The strong oxidizing and life-sustaining properties of oxygen makes it one the most common gases used in nearly all industries.  The purity of oxygen can affect the outcome of a process or the precision of a measurement.
In some cases, purity of 5.0 may be sufficient for a particular process, but the same […]

Storing Gas Argon

In the business of welding, gas argon plays a very important role. This is why when it relates to your gas argon storage, you have the right gas cylinders and storage facilities to do the best job possible.
You should be aware of all the latest technologies related to this field so that you know everything about this very important subject. Become informed so that you can run your business in the most effective and efficient way possible, and that you […]

Updated Gas Manifolds, Panels, and Cylinder Storage Options

Looking to upgrade your gas handling and storage equipment? Check out a surplus dealer first to find the lowest prices on everything that you need to update your entire set-up. From cylinder storage to gas manifolds to sophisticated gas panels, a surplus dealer can help you to design a fully functional system for an affordable price.
If your business has been operating in the stone ages, it is time for you to get out and get upgraded. New technology in gas […]

Advanced Technology Improves Gas Manifolds

Modern technology has significantly improved gas delivery and storage options. Gas manifolds have become a very important piece of equipment that makes changing out gas tanks easy and safe. This equipment is readily available online from surplus suppliers for affordable prices.
Surplus retailers offer the latest in technology when it comes to gas manifolds and they can also outfit your manifold with any of the new features that enhance the manifold’s efficiency and safety. Vast improvements in the safe storage and […]

The Advantages of Gas Manifolds in the Workplace

Are you thinking about upgrading some of your gas handling equipment? Are you tired of having to continually handle the regulator every time that you need to change out the cylinder? It sounds like you could enjoy the benefits of having gas manifolds installed. You may be surprised to find out how affordable and easy to use these manifolds can be.
Gas manifolds are a secure and extremely affordable way of connecting and changing out compressed gas cylinders. These useful and […]

Why is Gas Cylinder Storage So Important?

Proper gas cylinder storage should be a major priority in your workplace. There are federal and local laws that regulate proper gas cylinder storage and businesses are subject to random inspections to make sure that they are in compliance with all of these laws. The fines and penalties associated with being found in non-compliance can ruin a business’s reputation and deal a heavy financial blow.
Not only is proper gas cylinder storage important because of the legal ramifications but a business […]

Buy Used Gas Cylinder Storage Units

Looking for the right gas cylinder storage unit for you business? Are the storage cylinders that you have been using no longer functional? Before you start looking at brand name equipment manufacturers to purchase a new gas cylinder storage unit you should consider buying one that was refurbished.
By purchasing refurbished equipment you are helping out the environment and keeping your purchasing costs low. You can find high quality gas cylinder storage units that have been completely decommissioned and that are […]

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