We’re trying to budget electric power consumption for our 300mm fab that includes all of our major utilities (power, DI water, N2, CDA, PV, PCW, exhaust). Any suggestions?

TEECalcII is a custom program tailored to energy studies for semiconductor manufacturing equipment but has also been used to characterize entire Assembly/Test processes.  It’s available to anyone at www.teecalc.com.    The program has an extensive manual that walks the user through the application.  Simply, it requires defining equipment components and then associating those components into equipment or “tools”, e.g. power supply + vacuum pump + point of use abatement + chamber = dry etcher.  Flow rates and utilization (processing vs. idling vs. shutdown) are the inputs. There are ~ 250 registered users across the globe.

Ralph M Cohen (RalphCohenConsultancy) was a technical advisor on the TEECalc project, and provides training workshops on this software.   Ralph can be reached at 971-227-8989.


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