Can you provide replacement panels for a Thermco vertical gas furnace? We have several of these to upgrade and the OEM’s prices and lead times are such that I need to find an alternate.

Yes, Critical Systems supplies replacement gas panels for most OEM process tools, including for a Thermco gas furnace, when people need to replace a dusted panel or change the flow path of the existing panel. We also build panels for incorporating additional gases, or converting a C-Seal or W-Seal configured gas panel to a VCR style panel so they can more easily find parts and perform maintenance on the system. And, we almost always beat the OEM on price and turnaround time.

To quote a replacement panel requires CSI to know a little about the application. We need to see a schematic of the gas panel, as well as photos of the panel at various angles so we can see the components that are in place. From this we can provide a budgetary quotation. If you want to move forward, we ask that you send the panel to us. We charge a small fee to do a layout design, check compatible parts, condition of the existing panel, and produce the quote with lead time. That fee is applied to the price of the gas panel should you decide that we will do the work. We keep costs low by reusing back plates, wiring harnesses and other items, adding only what is necessary to perform the modification. We find we are able to conservatively save customers from 30% to 70% the cost of  gas panels through the OEM, and shave weeks off their lead times.

To receive a quote, please email the schematic of the panel, the photos and a description of what you want to have to done to us at and one of our designers will call you to go over the details.

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