CSI Designed Components for Improved Delatech Scrubber Performance

The Critical Systems, Inc. Abatement Team has been on the ‘receiving end’ of many troubleshooting phone calls for many years, and recently developed two inexpensive product modifications to address the most frequent problem areas on these scrubbers.

“U” Shaped Drain

The most common problem with Delatech Scrubbers is sediment buildup in the drain assembly.   This causes abatement inefficiencies, and the need for frequent preventative maintenance cycles.    Unlikie the standard drain, CSI’s “U” shaped design provides a continuous 4” diameter transition section enabling free flow of liquid and sediment into the tank.  The U drain is constructed of corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel, and is Teflon coated for even higher corrosion resistance and sediment flow through.

Additionally, cooling nozzles are engineered into the drain, which eliminates the need for the old nozzle assembly.   The new nozzles are more durable, and offer higher flow than standard drain nozzles.   They are also positioned closer to the low point in the drain, maximizing flow and cooling at the most needed point in the system.  Finally, these nozzles can easily be removed for cleaning or to be replaced if necessary.

Cooling Nozzle Assembly

Another problem is with the standard nozzle assembly itself.   The 90º bend on the nozzle assembly inevitably becomes clogged, which clearly affects the efficiency of the scrubber.   That nozzle cannot be removed, and the entire assembly must be replaced once it becomes clogged.     CSI’s nozzle assembly uses more robust, high flow nozzles that can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement if necessary.   CSI’s nozzle assembly is used in conjunction with the standard drain.

Both products are immediately available from Critical Systems, Inc.

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