CSI’s Callisto Dry Gas Scrubber

To Purchase Replacement Canisters for All Manufacturers of Dry Bed Scrubbers or to Purchase New Dry Bed Scrubbers, call 877-572-5515. Mention Discount Code: “10offDry” for a 10% Discount on your first order.


Critical Systems’ Callisto Dry Scrubber is a highly advanced Abatement System that provides Guaranteed scrubbing of the Target Gases to levels well below the (TLV) Threshold Limit Values. With medias blended specifically to the gases and flow rates of your unique process applications, the Callisto utilizes both Chemisorption and Catalytic medias to assure the maximum abatement of the process gas stream.    Custom blending also ensures that adsorbents are not poisoned or fouled since potential poisons and fouling agents are removed before they can harm the media.

By using our DOT Rated Callisto Gas Scrubber Canisters over the competition, your cost to transport these canisters is significantly less, saving you lots of money.  These can be used as replacement Canisters for CS Clean,  Novapure,  Techarmonic, and other gas scrubbers.

If a canister is not DOT rated, then a customer has to buy a secondary enclosure and put the canister in it. They get charged for the additional canister, the added volume and weight (total weight can be 500 lbs. or more), and they have to report hazardous waste based on canister volume, so the reporting costs go up.


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