Facing Tools, Consumables, & Accessories

Large inventory of orbital weld consumables as well as new and refurbished facing tools, all at competitive prices.

As a full orbital welding rental and repair shop, Critical Systems carries a large inventory of new and used orbital welding accessories. Most of our consumables and replacements are new, surplus inventory from many sources around North America. We source inventory less expensively, and we pass that savings along to our customers.

Facing Tools and Cut-Off Equipment

Our sources and industry contacts also enable us to purchase facing and cut-off equipment at low prices. As with any product Critical Systems brings in-house, the items are thoroughly inspected and/or refurbished to be in top working condition before being sent to a customer.

All of our facing equipment can either be rented or sold. Inventory includes:

  • ¼ to 4 ½” tube TriTool Facing tools
  • TriTool 301 for ¼ to 1”
  • Assortment of other Wachs TriTool, and Otto facing and cutting tools

Accessories, Consumables & Replacements

  • Tungstens:  “1/8” to 6”, sized to fit various weld head types”  (Download Tungstens PDF)
  • Facing blades:  TriTool Durabit (heat treated),  Otto, Orbitalum (Orbitmatic)
  • Replacements:   View Windows for AMI Weldheads, Water power couplings,  printer paper, gears, motors,  batteries & timekeepers,  printers for 207s, and other AMI components.
  • 25 ft. and 50 ft. Adapter Cables
  • Collets
  • Weldheads

Orbital Welding Innovations Product Data Sheets

For further information, please visit the Orbital Welding Innovations page:



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