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The Idea Collaboration Center was created to share ideas & best practices in order to promote safe and effective ways to run technology based processes in Semiconductor and related fields. We invite you to ask questions, post comments, ideas, and links, or even share a video of your own.

Cleanroom FAQ

» How do I know if my HEGA filters should be changed?
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Gas Delivery Systems FAQ

» High Purity Stainless Steel Process Piping: clean after installation or build clean?» How do reconditioned cabinets stack up to a new cabinet?» Should I get a Gas Cabinet or Hydrogen Generator?» What processes and procedures does CSI have in place to ensure that your systems are particle free?» Can I Salvage a Contaminated Panel?
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Gas Scrubbers FAQ

» Which Gas Scrubber(s) would you recommend?» Why would I need point-of-use abatement, when I have a Central Facilities Scrubber (CFS)?» What are the primary steps for doing a preventative maintenance on my Delatech Scrubber?» How do I determine the right POU scrubber for my facility?» What are the pros and cons of purchasing a reconditioned point-of-use scrubber vs. a new one?
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Gas System Design FAQ

» What is the most cost effective design for high purity gas manifold system (long runs with numerous branch tees and valves)?» How do I determine if I can add another gas cabinet to an existing gas pad exhaust system without replacing ductwork, fan, or scrubber?» How do I calculate tube and pipe size in my gas system given specific gas flow rates and pressure metrics?
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High Purity Welding & Fabrication FAQ

» Weld parameters for a high purity stainless steel gas system: What is “acceptable”?» Buy or Rent Orbital Welding Equipment?» Why should we consider using Critical Systems for our fabrication work?» Should I Outsource my Stainless Fabrication Work?» Why Orbital Welding vs. Conventional Tube Welding?
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Since 1998, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing Gas Cabinet, Valve Manifold Boxes & Gas Abatement Systems (Gas Cabinets and Gas Scrubbers, etc.), and Orbital Welding Rental, Lease, Repair and Training Services related to process tool facilitation for Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and related industries. Company headquarters are in Boise, ID, with additional locations in Burnsville, MN, and Shrewsbury, PA, Austin, TX and Draper, UT.