Callisto TechnologyJupiter Scientific’s Callisto Dry Scrubber

Jupiter Scientific’s Callisto Dry Scrubber is a highly advanced Abatement System that provides Guaranteed scrubbing of the Target Gases to levels well below the (TLV) Threshold Limit Values. With medias blended specifically to the gases and flow rates of your unique process applications, the Callisto utilizes both Catalytic and Chemi-sorption medias to assure the maximum abatement of the process gas stream. Custom blending also ensures that adsorbents are not poisoned or fouled since potential poisons and fouling agents are removed before they can harm the media.

The Callisto’s sophisticated control system operates the canisters to peak efficiencies to assure the longest life of the canisters at the lowest destruction temperatures, while automated purge cycles insure that the canisters are safe to remove when it comes time for replacement. The Callisto’s controller also maintains a history of all scrubber alerts, temperatures and exhaust concentrations to verify performance and compliance with regulations.

Key Features of the Callisto Point-of-Use Process Exhaust Scrubber:

  • Employs Callisto Scrubbing Canisters for Guaranteed Sub-TLV Emissions
  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Integrated Cabinet & Exhaust Monitoring System to Ensure Safety & Compliancejupiterscientific2
  • Interlocks to Ensure Callisto is Operating within Specifications
  • Real-time Permanent Exhaust Concentration Data Logging
  • Ethernet Communications to End User
  • Tool Interlock Connections to Prevent Reactor Operation when Callisto is Offline or in an Error State
  • Visual & Audible Alarms
  • Integrated Flow Management
  • Integrated Temperature Monitoring
  • Integrated Vacuum Pump
  • Integrated PID Pressure Control to Ensure Constant Inlet Pressure
  • Class 1 Division 2 Compliance and UL Ratings as Available Options

The Callisto’s Dual Canister option employs two canisters which can run in an auto-crossover configuration for continuous duty or in an oscillation mode where the canisters share duty with time scheduled switching to maximize canister life.


Color or Monochrome Displays
Real Time Flow Schematics
Simple, Intuitive Keypad
User Settable Alarm Limits and Functions
Automated Cycle Purge Routines
Independent Life Safety Board
Visual and Audible Fault and Shutdown Alarms
Digital Inputs for Cabinet Shutdown
Multiple Password Level Access
Ethernet and Analog Outputs
Z-Purge for Class 1 Div 2 Compliance
Digital Customer I/Os

ALARMS: *jupiter-callisto-temp-screen
Canister Not In Place                   Shut Down
Over Pressure                                Shut Down
Lost Nitrogen                                Shut Down
Toxic Gas In Cabinet                   Shut Down
Toxic Gas at 90%                          Notification Alarm
Toxic Gas at Exhaust                   Maintenance Alarm
Over Temp / Missing TC            Shut & Purge with N2                                                          until clear
Warming Temperature               Maintenance Alarm

Facilitation Information:

Process Inlet / Flow  –  KF40 / to 180 SLPMjupiter-callisto-temp-screen-dual
Process Exhaust / Flow  –  KF40 / to 180 SLPM
Cabinet Exhaust / Flow  –  4” OD x 3” High / 140 CFM @ 1/2” W.C.
N2 Purge / Flow – 1/4” Swagelok /100 SLPM @ 60-80 psi
N2 High Purge / Flow –  1/2” Swagelok /10 CFM @ 60-80 psi
N2 Valves / Flow –  1/4” SS Swagelok /4 CFM @ 60-80 psi
CDA Air Oxidation –  1/4” SS Swagelok /25 LPM @ 60-80 psi
Customer Alarm                            7/8” Through Hole

Power                                                7/8” Through Hole-110/220 VAC, 5 Amp

Overall Dimensions:

Single Canister                                60” Tall x 28” Wide x 30” Deep
Dual Canister                                   68” Tall x 48” Wide x 24” Deep

* With the Dual Canister Callisto, Shut Down Alarms will activate the second canister while Alarm condition is active.

Download Jupiter Callisto Process Gas Scrubber Literature