Gas & Chemical Panel Reconditioning & Repair

Contaminated gas panels don’t have to be thrown away!

CSI reconditions panels quickly and at significant discount vs. new.

An unfortunate reality for many Fabs is that gas lines get contaminated. Whether it’s due to a faulty fitting or an error during a cycle purge, leaks can cause panels to become contaminated.

The good news is that a costly new panel is not your only option. Through our fabrication expertise and expansive inventory of components, CSI can recondition and warranty panels and tube assemblies quickly and inexpensively.

Reconditioning & Repair Process for Contaminated Panels

  • We require the gas systems to be purged prior to shipment, a decontamination form filled out and signed by the technician who pulled the panel, and any MFCs to be separated from the panel.
  • End connections can be taped or sealed with plastic caps, but do not cap or plug the connections with stainless caps. Please include a copy of any wiring schematics you have so we know the proper pin outs for testing.
  • A small evaluation fee is charged to assess the condition, and you will receive a conditioning quotation from CSI prior to starting any work. Should you choose to have CSI repair the panel, the evaluation fee will go towards reconditioning cost of the panel.
  • Once received, panels are disassembled and analyzed, and components and flow controllers are decontaminated then cleaned, repaired or replaced. Tube assemblies are cleaned using a multi-step semiconductor cleaning process or are rebuilt new.
  • Mechanical and electrical functionality is tested
  • Back panels, wire harnesses, assembly hardware and other non-wetted parts are cleaned and reused for cost savings.
  • Severely contaminated panels are reverse engineered, and a new gas panel is built — at significant cost savings over the OEM.
  • Analytical Services available

Gas Panel Modifications

  • W Seal, C Seal, VCR or Weld
  • Gas Type or Flow Changes and Component Modification
  • MFC, LFM, and Injector Cleaning, Calibration & Repairs
  • Process Tool Inlet Air Purification for Removal of Amines and Acids
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