The Advantages of Gas Manifolds in the Workplace

Are you thinking about upgrading some of your gas handling equipment? Are you tired of having to continually handle the regulator every time that you need to change out the cylinder? It sounds like you could enjoy the benefits of having gas manifolds installed. You may be surprised to find out how affordable and easy to use these manifolds can be.

Gas manifolds are a secure and extremely affordable way of connecting and changing out compressed gas cylinders. These useful and affordable pieces of equipment eliminate the need to repeatedly handle the regulator during routine cylinder swaps. Not only will they make changing out cylinders much easier, they will also make the job safer.

A surplus supplier will typically offer a wide variety of gas manifolds, in both single and dual-cylinder configurations. You can find these manifolds from a surplus supplier for prices that are relatively cheap. Gas manifold systems can be constructed for indoor or outdoor use depending upon your company’s needs.

These manifolds can also be fitted with a lot of helpful features, even when you purchase them from a surplus dealer. Surplus dealers employ a team of skilled technicians that will be able to customize any gas manifold system in order to meet your requirements. Don’t put off making this important purchase out of fear that you won’t be able to afford the equipment.

Surplus suppliers make it easy to upgrade your existing equipment, modify and enhance it, and to have it repaired. Even if you are working off of a strict budget you will be able to find reasonable prices from surplus dealers.

When you decide to purchase a gas manifold there are many features that you can select to enhance the system. One of the most popular safety features is a safety shut-off valve that stops gas leaking by automatically shutting off the flow from the cylinder when the flow exceeds a specified level. This option can protect your employees’ from dangerous gas leaks and it can also save you money from expensive gases escaping.

If you have been contemplating having gas manifolds installed to change out your tanks or if you need your current manifold system replaced or enhanced, a surplus dealer will be able to provide you with the lowest prices on this equipment and these services. There are a number of improvements you can make to your existing system with surplus parts.


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