Why is Gas Cylinder Storage So Important?

Proper gas cylinder storage should be a major priority in your workplace. There are federal and local laws that regulate proper gas cylinder storage and businesses are subject to random inspections to make sure that they are in compliance with all of these laws. The fines and penalties associated with being found in non-compliance can ruin a business’s reputation and deal a heavy financial blow.

Not only is proper gas cylinder storage important because of the legal ramifications but a business should also be bound to adhering to these laws ethically. As an employer it is your responsibility to make sure that you maintain a safe workplace for your employees.

Improper storage can result in a host of problems. Gas leaks, fires and explosions, and tampering can all result from improper storage. Don’t run the risk of letting one of these accidents happen at your workplace. Always make sure that you have the most up to date storage units with the most advanced safety features in order to protect your workers and your business.

Gas leaks are very common. With improper cylinder storage it is easy for gas to escape through worn out valves that haven’t been closed all the way. Depending upon the type of gas that you store you could be in for a very big problem. Even harmless gases can become deadly in enclosed spaces or when they are exposed to certain elements or other gases. You should never gamble with the safety of your workers.

You should never take the chance of improperly storing your gases. Fires and explosions are also common accidents that occur because of improperly stored gases. Gases can be sensitive to temperature and other outside factors. You must make sure that you select the proper storage solutions for the types of gases that you store in order to avoid a deadly fire or explosion.

Finally, tampering can also be a very costly lesson. Sometimes gases are tampered with and they merely escape into the air and dissipate. While this is a harmless problem, it is a very expensive one. Gas is not cheap.

In other circumstances gas can be tampered with and result in some really expensive problems. You can ruin expensive equipment when your gases do not meet the strict purity requirements in many industries. Never take the storage of gas cylinders for granted, it can be an extremely costly mistake.


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