New Ultra High Purity Oxygen Generators

Semiconductor, LED, medical devices industries, and diverse laboratories have a need for all types of complex mixtures and ultra high purity (UHP) gases, such as nitrogen and oxygen.  The strong oxidizing and life-sustaining properties of oxygen makes it one the most common gases used in nearly all industries.  The purity of oxygen can affect the outcome of a process or the precision of a measurement.

In some cases, purity of 5.0 may be sufficient for a particular process, but the same purity level can act as a contaminant in other cases. Users who require Grade 6.0 oxygen and desire to move beyond gas cylinders have a new product option from which to choose.

New Oxygen Generator Features

The industry has recently seen new oxygen generators introduced.   One such unit has a ceramic membrane technology, which produces oxygen with purity of 99.9999 percent, from the feed air in the room. As air flows across the membranes, the generator extracts only oxygen from the atmosphere. The generator compresses the oxygen and stores it away for later use.

These generators have sensors that monitors oxygen use, and automatically replenishes the unit’s storage receivers as needed. The oxygen supply remains consistent from batch to batch.

They’re also quiet and user friendly, requiring a dedicated 20-amp circuit and a standard 120V outlet.   After the initial set-up, other than periodically changing a filter, the oxygen generator may operate for years without the need for adjustments.

Besides providing users with a continuous supply of 99.9999 percent, pure oxygen, installing a gas generator at the point-of-use eliminates the need to manage 02 gas cylinders.

Applications and Advantages

Lab managers no longer have to spend resources changing out cylinders, recalibrating laboratory equipment, maintaining inventory and making up for downtime. On-site gas generation also provides a safer alternative than handling and storing gas cylinders.

Ultra high purity oxygen generators may provide a cost-effective solution in a wide variety of industries and applications:

  • Calorimeter
  • Analytic equipment
  • Fiber optics manufacturing
  • Medicinal purposes
  • Chemical processing
  • Semiconductor and electronics processing

Laboratory managers, start-up manufacturers and research organizations should conduct a cost/benefit analysis to determine the cost-effectiveness of on-site UHP oxygen production compared to the cost of renting, servicing and managing gas cylinders.

Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing gas systems and support services to both large and small fabs for the past 12 years.   Visit CSI’s website for more information.  


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