How do reconditioned cabinets stack up to a new cabinet?

The most immediate distinction is that a reconditioned cabinet is much less expensive than a new one. But cost savings means nothing without quality and reliability that you would get with a new cabinet. For a properly running gas system, quality and reliability essentially boil down to 3 things:

  1. A system that is free from contamination and particulates
  2. A system running precisely as it should – from software configuration to component actuation
  3.  The ‘cycle life’, or longevity of those components

Obviously, a new cabinet will meet these 3 criteria. The question is whether or not a reconditioned cabinet meet these criteria as well.

CSI ensures that all 3 of these conditions are met with our reconditioned gas systems:

  1. The systems we purchase have been professionally decommissioned from major fabs, and thoroughly inspected for contamination before going into CSI’s climate controlled warehouse
  2. All systems undergo an extensive 50 point reconditioning process that is checked and double checked by highly experienced personnel to ensure proper set up and functionality. Software configuration is done on-site during installation and start-up to ensure that the system is running smoothly on day one.
  3. Careful attention is given to ensure actuating components are performing exactly as they should. CSI has over 1000 cabinets in the field, and we very rarely see component failure (less than 1%) given the quality of our systems to begin with. Additionally, today’s high purity components are designed for a cycle life in excess of 1 million cycles, which will almost always outlasts the life of the process tools if properly maintained.

There is a reason that the Semiconductor Secondary Equipment market, which includes gas systems, is $6B and growing rapidly ( The vast majority of these systems work as they did when they were new (assuming they were properly maintained), while providing a significant savings. For more information on CSI’s gas systems reconditioning process and warranty, click here.

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