I’m seeing an increase in the number high/lows in my orbital welds – how do I correct this?

The easiest thing to do is to swap weld heads with someone when they’re not looking, but that really doesn’t solve the problem. Actually, you can usually figure this out pretty quickly. There are a handful of things to check (from most to least likely reasons):

  1. Mismatched or worn out collets
  2. Poor quality collets to begin with.
  3. Problem with the weld head itself
  4. Ovality of the tube
  5. Tube ends aren’t being prepped properly.

Since you’re getting a more gradual increase in the number of tubes/fittings not lining up, it’s probably not mismatched collets. Usually, a mismatch will either always cause the problem, or never cause a problem.

Click here for a more detailed write-up on this issue.

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