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Increased Efficiency with Tube Clamp Replacements for an AMI 9-500 Weld Head

When it comes to small diameter, high purity orbital welding, precise alignment and a tight hold during the orbital cycle are critical to a consistently good weld. Our Tube Clamp Replacement is a CSI Orbital Weld Innovation that enables this through 1000’s of welds.

CSI’s Tube Clamp Replacement come in 4 sizes (1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”), and was engineered as a drop-in replacement for the AMI 9-500 Weld Head Clamp Assembly. It is modular, and mechanically fastened together. This modular assembly means:

  • The plates can be realigned on the center axis of the tube, ensuring precise alignment and a tight hold for quality welds.*
  • Inexpensive side plates can be replaced if necessary, instead of throwing away the entire assembly
  • Side plates are simple and easy to install, keeping weld heads running and minimizing downtime.

For a downloadable spec sheet of the CSI’s TCR, please visit the CSI Orbital Weld Innovations page.


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