Gas Cabinet and Gas Scrubber for a Silicon Nitride Etch Process

[Full question here] We are bidding the installation of either a Plasmatherm or Novellus Silicon Nitride tool, and I need to include a price for gas cabinets and a scrubber in the bid. What do I need?  The gases are SiH4, NH3 and N2.

Answer:   The process your customer will most likely run will be a PECVD process that uses these gases. While different process recipes vary and you should find out the flow rates to confirm, a typical Silicon Nitride Etch process will use well under a liter a minute of silane and ammonia. The nitrogen will be used in the purge process. Because of this, you can use our reconditioned Air Products gas cabinets set up as a 2 cylinder Process, Purge. These are fully automated and the silane cabinet conforms to the requirements of CGA Code G-13. For the scrubber, we can offer a Nanopure EGS237, which is a resin bed scrubber that is reconditioned as well and comes with a new canister of abatement media. Regarding pricing, I can’t say without further discussion, but I can tell you the cabinets will be 30% to 40% less than the price of new cabinets, and the scrubber well over 50%.  Both cabinets and scrubbers come with warranties and on-site commissioning.

Also, you can find a pdf that provides additional facilitation information for this process here:  gas systems for silicon nitride etch process

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