My regulators are failing much too quickly on my chlorine system (sometimes after only 3 weeks). Any idea why this happening?

For a chlorine system, or any other gas for that matter, a contaminated gas line will first be noticed in the regulator. Pressure begins to “creep” (increase in outlet pressure) as the regulator won’t shut off. This is because moisture falls out of the gas at the pressure drop area, which on a regulator is through the seat, and corrosion starts to build on the poppet at the seat interference area, on the diaphragm and downstream of the seat. Unfortunately, just replacing the regulator won’t help as your panel is contaminated. At this point you would have to rebuild your gas panel, and quite possibly your gas line to the tool.

A good way to check this is to examine the inlet and outlet fittings of the regulator, and of a mechanical connection further down the gas line. If the gas panel is contaminated, you will see the contamination present at these connections. The contamination will be any appearance other than the bright shiny finish you get with an electropolished surface.

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