What is the classification for a Germane Gas Cabinet (GeH4)? We are getting mixed information, and aren’t sure if a Temperature Switch is required.

Thanks for your question.  Yes, you will want to have Temperature Switch.   Germane is classified as a Flammable/Toxic gas, and a temperature switch or flame detector which is a UVIR (Ultraviolet Infrared detector) is “suggested” by the American Engineering Standard.   Even though it’s only “suggested”, this is not a safety issue you want to leave open for interpretation.  Specifically in this case, the use of a Temperature Switch in a gas cabinet  is a ‘no brainer’ since the cost of is 20X cheaper than a UVIR, and gives you the confidence of early detection and shutdown, should a system leak occur.

Please keep in mind that Germane, along will all specialty gases of this nature, should be in a fully exhausted enclosure if located indoors and must have specific monitoring and shut-off capability that utilizes a reliable – tried and true control system.       For more info on cabinet requirements by gas type (including Germane), please see the table on this page:  https://www.criticalsystemsinc.com/gas-delivery-systems.html

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