Critical Systems’ turn-key solution provides EVERYTHING you need to start your orbital welding projects right away:

  • Arc Machines (AMI) 207A Power Supply OR the NEW M217 Power Supply*
  • 8 and 9 Series Weld Heads and Collet Sets
  • 15, 25, 50 ft. Adapter Cables
  • CSI Designed Cooler and Remote Mini Pendant

All of the orbital welders in Critical Systems’ rental fleet are cleaned, refurbished, and thoroughly tested before sending out.  We are AMI’s ONLY outside authorized service and repair technican in the U.S., and are the best in the business at maintaining and upgrading AMI orbital tube welding equipment.

As a full service orbital shop, CSI also provides repair & training services, facing tools rentals, consumables, and orbital weld ‘innovations’ for improved quality and ease of use.

*AMI’s new M217 Power Supply is the next generation orbital tube welder that is the replacement for the 207.   The new 217 has been thoroughly bench tested and has undergone numerous field trials, and has received very positive reviews for it’s ease of use, versatility and quality of welds that the unit is producing.   To see an introductory video on the new M217 orbital welding unit, please see the orbital welding rental page found here.