Affordable Options for Orbital Welding Equipment

Most business owners know that orbital welding equipment can be quite pricey. Besides buying new equipment from the original manufacturer of the orbital welding, there are other options available to you. Your business can be able to enjoy the benefits of orbital welding equipment without having to pay a fortune.

The first option available to your business when you want to purchase orbital welding equipment but can not afford it is to look into buying it from a surplus retailer. Surplus suppliers sell you the very same brand name welding equipment in new condition for a reduced cost. You can save thousands of dollars off of the purchase of an orbital welder.

Surplus suppliers will take advantage of opportunities to get new equipment for reduced costs. Whether the original manufacturer was looking to unload last season’s models or they had a surplus of inventory, a surplus supplier will happily take the equipment off of their hands for a reduced price and offer you the very same equipment at tremendous savings. This is a great way to get your hands on new equipment without having to pay full price.

The second option that you’ll have when you’re looking for an orbital welder is to buy one that is used from a surplus dealer. The surplus dealer will completely test and refurbish welding equipment before selling it to guarantee that it is in optimal working order. They will even come to your workplace and install the equipment and offer you a tutorial on its operation.

If you want the benefits of orbital welding equipment but you just can’t afford to buy new than buying a used welder that has been refurbished is your next best option.

Your next option will be to rent the welder from a surplus retailer. For an affordable monthly price you can rent an orbital welder and enjoy all of the benefits of having a high quality welder for a price that your business can afford. Many businesses run on a month to month budget with little room for costly equipment. If that is your business then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Thankfully surplus suppliers are in business to help out businesses when it comes to equipment purchasing and rentals. They provide business owners with more affordable options when it comes to welding equipment so that they can enjoy all of the benefits of the technology without having to break their budget.


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