Attention Contractors: Get on the Orbital Welding Bandwagon for your Pharmaceutical Customers

We have seen a quiet shift from the traditional hand TIG welding to the use of orbital welding machines in pharmaceutical and food/ beverage industries. Although orbital welding has been around for over 50 years, some process piping contractors are only recently showing clients that orbital welding is not just for the semiconductor industry. We have been renting tube prep equipment and orbital welding machines to quality process piping contractors who want their pharmaceutical or food/beverage customers to see the same weld quality and consistency.  Once a customer sees a quality orbital weld, they tend to start specifying the process for future installations.

“But…orbital equipment is so expensive.”

Smaller contractors may be intimidated by the initial cost of purchasing machines, weld heads, collets, etc.  However we have been able to job cost out many rental options to get them up and running with great success.  A smaller company can train a field hand to orbital weld much quicker than hand welding, which allows for quicker response to a customer’s construction schedule, better quality welds, and improved production to pay for the equipment rental.


If you’re not on board – you’ll soon be missing out!


Mike Walker and Stephen James own Walker Hi-Tech, Inc., a stainless steel process piping components distributor with offices in New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.   The company has been in business for over 16 years, and offers orbital welding rentals, as well as fittings, tubing and valves for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, semiconductor and solar industries.

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