History of GMAW and the Weld Head

For those of you in the welding industry or in an industry that requires welding, you have probably heard of the various types of welding methods. These include shielded metal arc welding flux cored arc welding, and gas metal arc welding. This will discuss the gas metal arc welding method that is utilized by numerous industries. To begin, let’s analyze the basic technique involved with the gas metal arc welding process. Depending on what products you are using, you might need to make sure you are using the proper weld head. This might require that you purchase a large stockpile of weld held just in case you ever need to replace a head at a moment’s notice.

The basic technique that is involved with the gas metal arc welding process is extremely simple. The operator must guide the welding gun with care and orientation along the area that needs to be welded. It is important that the operator keeps to a consistent tip to work distance. If the electrode ever overheats or there is a waste of shielding gas, then this could lower the efficiency of the process. The correct angle of the welding gun is also extremely important. The welding gun should be head at a forty five degree angle when you are fillet welding and at a ninety degree angle whenever you are welding a flat surface.

The gas metal arc welding process can be very dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. This goes for any welding process, so be sure to obey strict safety standards. Welders must wear protective clothing whenever they are welding. This includes long sleeved jackets that are capable of withstanding heat and flames. This also includes leather gloves that should be worn at all times whenever handling the welding gun. The brightness of the electric arc can also result in a burn in the retina, so it is important to wear helmets with protective faceplates to prevent exposure and damage to eyes. You should never use the gas metal arc welding process without implementing the proper safety procedures.

As you can see, there are many benefits and risks associated with the gas metal arc welding process. If you or your business is in need of a new weld head or a supplier of these products, then look online for a company that can help.


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