With our wide range of industry sources and buying power, we regularly provide fast turnaround and substantial savings on these filtration solutions:

  • HEGA Filters (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) Filters for Acid & Amine Removal
  • Filter Fan Units
  • ULPA
  • HEPA (99.97% & 99.99% Efficient) Final Filters
  • 85% & 95% Efficiency Filters
  • MERV 7, 8, 11 & 13 Pleated Inlet Air Filters
  • Bulk Weather Resistant Filter Media
  • Filter Housings

A properly designed Clean Room Air filter system saves significant money by optimizing the mix of filters and their associated pressure drops. Factors in determining this mix include:

  • Set up lower cost filters as “sacrificial filters” to capture particles, extending the life of more costly final filters.
  • Keep large particles away from HEPA and ULPA filters, extending their lives in service.
  • Provide low cost filters with high efficiency and low pressure drop.
  • Maximize air flow to achieve the lowest pressure drop possible, meaning you save money on the power needed to produce the air.

Critical Systems has history of success in both new applications as well as retrofit applications. We will first provide cost & efficiency estimates on you current system.   If improvements can be made, we will then develop a comparison to a more efficient filtration configuration.

Remember that energy savings can result in Energy Saving Rebates from your local utility company.

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