15% to 30% Cost Savings vs. Distributor Price
60% Savings on CSI Approved Pre-Owned Components


Buy High Purity Components Here.

With the ebb and flow of the semiconductor industry, microelectronics facilities and others in the industry will find themselves with excess product on their shelves, or even may need to purge their inventories simply to stay in business.  Critical Systems has been able to help many companies by procuring that excess high purity component inventory. We buy large quantities of new components from these companies and offer it to our customers at tremendous discounts.

New and Pre-Owned High Purity Components

CSI has been selling new ‘surplus’ UHP components to budget savvy customers for over 12 years. CSI also offers refurbished components that have been used on professionally decommissioned Inert Gas Systems. As with all of our used inventory, CSI runs these components through an inspection procedure including a nitrogen purge, helium leak, and pressure decay checks.  Once testing is completed, documented, and double-checked, components are then repackaged for shipment.

CSI’s New Construction Program

For new building projects, CSI offers our New Construction Program.  We not only provide the facilities tools, such as gas cabinets and gas scrubbers, but will also station inventory on-site to provide all components for your Process Tool Support Systems. Our backgrounds in Material Supply Management and allows us to help you with material take offs and planning the delivery of supplies so you aren’t left waiting for material, paying costly expedite fees and freight, or ordering what you don’t need.

Program Offer Includes:

UHP Gas System Components

  • Parker, Swagelok & Hamlet
  • APTech, Tescom & Veriflo
  • Cardinal & Valex
  • Carten & Evans Components
  • Gas Sticks & Headers
  • Custom Fabrication

Bulk Chemical Components

  • Poly & PVDF Fusion Rentals
  • Asahi & George Fisher
  • Parker, Entegris & St. Gobain
  • Blue White & Hedland
  • Teflon Tubing & Pipe
  • Chemical Trays
  • Custom Fabrication

Construction Services & Supplies

  • Material Take Offs
  • Orbital Weld Machine Rental
  • Orbital Weld Consumables
  • Strut, Tubing & Pipe Clamps
  • EVAC & CFOS Tubing & Fittings
  • Cleanroom Paper & Supplies
  • 3rd Party QA/QC
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