“DISS” is an acronym for “Diameter Index Safety System.” DISS connections including nipples, gaskets, adapters, caps, nuts, and plugs.  The nipples are unique to the specific model number for your gas.   The nut covers a range of DISS nipples.  The DISS Gasket which Critical Systems produces is common for all DISS fitting connections as the way in which the connection interface or the “Torroid” surface on each side of the fitting will compress into the metal surface of the DISS Gasket, so they will always operate in the same safe, effective manner.  The technical expertise involved in the research, design, development, and manufacture of each DISS component ensures the integrity of the connection and makes it next to impossible for operator error to occur.

CSI Innovations Group has delivered Ultra High Purity (UHP) gaskets for over 9 years with a perfect, ‘zero defect’ track record.  We are very proud of this accomplishment. From the materials and design, through treatment and finishing practices, we have eliminated surface scratches and any water/mineral spots.  Additionally, our proprietary annealing process ensures a leak-free installation, and has virtually eliminated toroid wear issues.

SuperSeal™ UHP DISS Cylinder Gaskets

CSI’s Ultra High Purity DISS Cylinder Gaskets are manufactured of soft annealed Nickel 200 and visually inspected under magnification to assure proper fit and functionality.  This gasket utilizes a non-rotating gland connection, and toroid faces, similar to those found in faceseal fittings. The result is an electropolished gasket that is a much more robust, leak free and higher purity connection than traditional CGA connections.

Installation is simplified with the built-in retainer.  For use with UHP Connections 632 – 642 and 712 – 728.

Document:  DISS Gasket Specifications, Usage & Handling Instructions 

SuperSeal™ Faceseal (VCR-Type) Gaskets

As with our DISS gaskets, CSI’s electropolished Ultra High Purity VCR Gaskets are precision engineered and produced to the strictest of guidelines for the demands of microelectronics industries.

For hard to reach areas, or to ease in installation, SuperSeal gaskets are offered with Integral Retainer Clips. A patented 1-piece design allows for ease of placement, while assuring a perfect alignment on the face of the fitting. Our Retainer Clip is fully corrosion and heat resistant for the most stringent of applications.


Document: VCR Gasket Specifications and Usage & Handling Instructions


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