Buy Edwards Gas Reactor Column (GRC) Gas Scrubber Parts Here.

The Edwards Gas Reactor Column (GRC) gas scrubber uses a unique hot bed reactor technology to handle gas flows up to 60 slpm and destroy hazardous gases to below TLV (Threshold Limit Value) levels.  GRCs require no water supply and present no duct corrosion issues associated with the back-streaming of moisture.    Reactive process by-products are chemically converted to harmless inorganic salts that are locked into the cartridge allowing for safe disposal.

The Edwards GRC is the ideal gas scrubber for Etch processes (metal etch, poly etch, oxide etch) given that the gases these processes are typically handled by one standard canister.  Also, many smaller etch process facilities don’t have waste water treatment systems.   GRC tools are also used in many Thin Film processes where low flow and dry abatement are required.

Critical Systems purchases high quality used gas scrubbers that have been properly maintained and professionally decommissioned. Each unit is customized, fully reconditioned, and certified to perform as new.  As with all CSI reconditioned systems, our gas scrubbers are backed by a 6 month ‘cover-to-cover warranty.

Edwards GRC Reconditioning Process:

  • The GRC is completely disassembled, decontaminated and cleaned internally and externally.
  • All O-rings & seals are cleaned and replaced if necessary
  • Reactor Column Cartridges are replaced with new reactor cartridges.
  • GRC is then reassembled, functions are tested, sensors and alarms are checked
  • Unit is tested at full temperature for 24 Hours to ensure optimal working order.

GRCs abate the following gases:

  • Hazardous Organic Halides (metal etch by-products);
  • Acid Gases (BCl3, Cl2, HBr, etc.);
  • Hydrides (SiH4, PH3, B2H6, etc.);
  • Implanter Gases (AsH3, PH3, BF3, etc.)

GRC Selection Criteria:

  • Mixture of Gases
  • Individual & Total Gas Flow Rates
  • Single or Dual Cartridge