CSI provides an economical alternative to traditional facility scrubber purchases. Should your needs call for simple abatement of gas cabinet exhaust, chemical vapor scrubbing of chemical bench exhausts, or should you need a house scrubber to serve as a “catch all” for exhausts from a variety of processes, CSI’s offers both reconditioned as well as low cost new facility scrubbers that can save you a significant amount of money.

Carbon Bed Scrubbers

The purpose of carbon bed scrubbers is emergency, or short term abatement. These scrubbers require no water or fuel and use treated carbon and other medias to adsorb target gases should they occur. CSI offers new, used and rental vessels and fans, and fills the vessels with the blend of medias needed to abate your particular gas mix.. Common applications are scrubbing gas cabinet exhausts when a house scrubber is not present, to serving as a short term scrubber so processing or R&D can begin before the purchased house scrubber arrives. Whatever the reason for the need, CSI’s systems are economical and efficient. Units show up on site separate from the media, and media is expertly laid in to prevent channeling, assuring an even fill and pressure drop. Refill / disposal services are available in most cities and states. We recommend that carbon bed scrubbers are sized based on the specific need. Short term rental needs are sized for the length of time they will be in service, while permanent carbon bed scrubbers are sized from one to two years. CSI recommends that end point monitors are included to watch for breakthrough (gas release from the vessel).

Fume Scrubbers

Constructed of PVC, Polypropylene and Halar, CSI’s fume scrubbers are a simple, economical and effective way of handling exhaust flows from a variety of wet process applications. These scrubbers are offered new, and are sized based on maximum flow rate and contamination level to assure that capacity is never an issue. Utilizing a media bed of scrubber packing balls, and a cascading flow of water, Fume Scrubbers remove contaminants through impaction of the contaminant with the water flow. A continual small overflow of water to drain, along with the injection of a neutralizing solution such as sodium bicarbonate, keeps the pH in the neutral range where the effluent can be ran to drain. Horizontal and Vertical units are available with a variety of pump and control options.

House or Facility Scrubbers

Offered in both reconditioned and “as-is”, CSI offering of thermal processing units with or without rotary concentrators with zeolite wheels handle flow rates from 5,000 to 50,000 CFM. CSI has contacts throughout the industry who access house scrubbers from a variety of industries, and available scrubbers are matched to the application to select an appropriate unit. Clients are given the option of purchasing the units “as-is” or having them expertly reconditioned with warranties. The result can be savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars with full support.

Thermal Processing Units

Thermal Processing Units, or TPUs, are essentially large burn chambers. The rotary concentrator or “RTO” contains an adsorbent, such as zeolite, which turns on a wheel to maximize the amount to media that is exposed to the contaminant.   Using a combination of burn and adsorption, these units are reduced in size, which also reduces the cost as well.