New High Purity (UHP) Gas Panels – Standard and Custom

As a full service UHP fabrication shop, CSI has built hundreds of standard and custom gas panels for a variety of customers over the past 10 years — everything from Ammonia (NH3) and Chlorine (Cl2) gas panels, to Hydrogen mix & Silane gas panels.  Our weld shop personnel are highly experienced in high purity, and consistently meet or beat highest industry standards (for alignment and length tolerances).

Reconditioned Process Gas Panels

CSI carries a large stock of process gas panels that have been decommissioned from major fabs, and thoroughly inspected before being brought into inventory.  We ensure that all of our gas panels are contamination free, and then they are purged, pressurized, and stored in CSI’s controlled environment.  When a panel is ordered, we will pull a panel used with the same gas (or same gas family) customize, test, and calibrate each one before it’s sent to the customer.

New and Reconditioned Gas Panels are Certified & Warrantied

All gas panels, both new and reconditioned, are run through an extensive checklist before they are CSI Certified & Warrantied.  Full analyticals, including particle, moisture and oxygen testing, are available upon request.

Commitment to Quality, Quick Turnaround, and Cost Savings

CSI grows every year as we continue to prove value one customer at a time.  We do so by continuing to provide sound design assistance, a great product, and quick turnaround on not only UHP panels, but also on gas cabinets and a host of other gas delivery systems – all at a very competitive price.