Tom &#;consulting&#;Start Up and Training on Gas Cabinets

CSI technicians to ensure a smooth and effective system start up. At your facility, the team will modify the Controller software to run the gases you desire and perform final check out at your facility. Each gas cabinet undergoes a highly detailed inspection to ensure it is functioning properly, and software revisions are uploaded to the controller.

On the heels of installation, systems and software training is provided. This is typically scheduled as a full-day training on single cabinet installations, or 2+ days on multi-cabinet installations.

Detailed records are kept, and ongoing support is provided by Critical Systems for the life of the cabinet.

Start Up and Training on Gas Scrubbers

Much of the training on gas exhaust scrubbers goes hand-in-hand with the installation, since the final check on a scrubber touches on the majority of the preventative maintenance, alarm, and interlock functions. Training on scrubber systems are typically half-day sessions, and operations/service manuals are provided.

As a final step in the process, CSI personnel typically conducts a ‘walk- through’ with the organizations facilities management (environmental health and safety department) to review the scrubbers fit and function into the overall design of the process tool set up.

Ongoing Support:  Replacements, Troubleshooting, Upgrades & Retrofits

Despite a solid installation and training, many organizations will find themselves with gas systems issues that they simply cannot figure out.  CSI has become very familiar with many situations and problems that can often times be diagnosed over the phone, or quickly addressed by sending a panel to our operational facility for evaluation.

As organizations product and processes change, their gas systems and requirements will change also.  For instance, if customer wants to change the cabinet to a different kind of gas or different process conditions, we can modify panels and reprogram controller (within certain parameters type of gas). This process can be done much less expensively than purchasing a new cabinet.