Olympus Technology:Jupiter Scientific’s Olympus Dry Scrubber

Jupiter Scientific’s Olympus Dry Scrubber is a point-of-use facility exhaust treatment system with a broad range of process gas scrubbing capability. The Olympus scrubber employs Jupiter Scientific’s custom blended medias to offer the lowest emissions of any scrubber available today. In all cases where the Olympus is employed it offers guaranteed scrubbing of the target gases to lev-els below Threshold Limit Values.

The Olympus operates in a totally passive mode at ambient temperature . Dry chemical resins efficiently react on contact with process gases and by products, converting them to non-volatile solids. Advanced scrubbing capabilities, combined with multiple levels of safety engineering, make the Olympus one of the safest and most efficient scrubbers available.


The Olympus System:

  • 1,000 – 2,000 – 2,500 SCFM Sizes for High Exhaust Flow Rates
  • 90% and Outlet Concentration Exhaust Gas Monitoring
  • 90% and Outlet Concentration Exhaust Gas Monitoring
  • Real Time Exhaust Concentration Data Logging
  • Interlocks to ensure Olympus is operating within Specifications
  • Visual and Audible Alarms
  • Integrated Temperature Monitoring
  • Integrated Pressure Monitoring
  • Interlocks Prevent Reactor Operation when Olympus is Offline


Catastrophic Release Scrubbers:

A Catastrophic Release Scrubber is installed in the gas cabinet or fume hood exhaust line, and is designed to capture a full cylinder’s release of the target gas that resides in the gas cabinet. This cost effective scrubber uses a dry bed ambient media and requires no fuel or water to operate. Its purpose is to provide a safe abatement solution should a hazardous gas cylinder develop a leaking cylinder valve or should a situation occur in the gas cabinet which causes a leak that cannot be shut off.


Performance Specifications:

Exhaust Flow per System 100 to 2500 SCFM
Removal Efficiency Sub TLV Emissions
Purge Gas – Nitrogen 1800 SCFH*
Pneumatics – Nitrogen 500 sccms
Clean Dry Air (CDA) 200 SCFH (For Air Ox.)*
Facilities Specifications:

Process Connections 10” to 18” ISO Flange
Compressed Gas – Nitrogen 80 – 120 psig
3/8” compression fitting
Clean Dry Air (CDA) 60 – 80 psig
1/4” compression fitting
Electrical Supply 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Overall Dimension (in) from: 74 H X 60.7 W X 29.3 D
* Purge Nitrogen & CDA is used only when replacing
the canister

Jupiter Olympus Catastrophic Release Literature