Chemical Delivery Systems

CSI’s TriChem™ & MonoChem™ Chemical Delivery System are simply designed, easy to use liquid delivery systems for chemicals such as TEOS and Dopants that provide reliable delivery of liquid to your processing tools.

Available as a single liquid system (MonoChem™) or with the ability to deliver three (3) liquids from the same cabinet (TriChem™), our systems feature DTLR Technology (Dual Tank – Liquid Refill) which utilizesgas cabinets a fixed chemical reservoir to feed the outlets and a replaceable source tank that refills the fixed reservoir. This allows the system to operate continually without the need to re-qualify the delivery system when new chemical is added.

A unique feature of our liquid delivery systems is the ability to add additional outlets (up to four (4) per chemical), or maintain individual delivery lines as the other outlets are in operation. No longer are you required to shut flow to all your chambers to take the liquid system down to maintain a single outlet.


  • Supplies One (1) Chemical to up to Four (4) Tools/Chambers with Independent Operation & Maintenance
  • Continuous Chemical Supply eliminates Process Re-qualification after Tank Changes
  • Available with or without Degasification
  • Available with Vaporization Options
  • Ability to Service Individual Outlets while others are in Operation
  • Compatible with Multiple Tool Types and Source Containers