newgascabinetsFor applications involving High Flow, Bulk Delivery, Highly Corrosive Gases requiring Hastelloy Process Piping or  Mini-Gas Systems, Critical Systems offers our line of New Gas Cabinets and Valve Manifold Boxes. Designed around the specific requirements of your process, systems are designed and built using only industry proven components, and advanced fabrication procedures garnered over our 16 year history of providing the finest Reconditioned Systems available.

All new Gas Systems receive New Process Panels, Interconnect Sections and Venturi Assemblies. Options for New or Reconditioned Purge Panels allow for cost reductions where desired. The control systems for our New Gas Systems center around the Air Products™ AP10 platform. One year CSI “No-Hassle” warrantees are standard, with optional 5 year warrantees on the controllers.

Technically Advanced Systems – Process purity, minimal maintenance and operator safety go into the design of every Critical Systems gas cabinet and VMB. Over 1600 cabinets and hundreds of applications, coupled with a technical staff of ex-Fab managers, spec gas managers and gas system technicians from major 300 mm semiconductor Fabs produce the experience that goes into the designs of all CSI products. Optimized purge sections, high capacity venturi designs, component selection and precise fabrication procedures build systems that simply last, with minimal requirements for maintenance. Call CSI today to see how we can be of use to you on your next application.

  • Designs that Incorporate Best Practices learned by 300mm Production Fab Technicians
  • Fabricated by Industry Professionals
  • Most Proven Controller Package in the Industry
  • Components Selected for Longevity and Ease of Access
  • Large Inventory of Spares Stocked for Fast Deliveries
  • Best-in-Class Service



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