Through our Orbital Welding Lab and Repair Facilities, Critical Systems is constantly looking for ways to provide product innovations and advancements for orbital products and processes.

Since 2013, the CSI fleet of orbital tube welding equipment has become the largest of its kind, in the world.  Comprised wholly of AMI M207/217 Power Supplies, Weld Heads, Fixturing and Tri-Tool Cutting and Facing Equipment. All CSI equipment is upgraded with more precise and durable tooling, resulting in better welds & increased productivity.

Extended Life Home Pin Solution

The standard mechanical home pin design is a well known culprit for many weld failures and a shortened number of weld cycles.  After 2 years of customer input, design refinements, and testing, CSI has come up with a solution providing vast improvements in this critical part of your welding tool kit.

  • Currently available for the AMI 9-750 weld head, with more sizes forthcoming
  • Home Pin is constructed of a highly durable, temperature stable, non-conductive material with a low friction coefficient
  • Home Pin Bushing is designed for reduced wear and maximum protection of the home pin
  • Home Switch Cam Button has a narrower axial engagement point, which results in a more precise home position
  •  Extended Life Home Pin Cut Sheet (PDF)

Argon Purge Restrictors

  • Improves weld quality by reducing variation in purge rates
  • Enables 50% to 80% reduction of Argon use in High Purity arenas
  • Made out of non-volatile polyimide – no outgassing or dimensional change at high temperatures
  • Available for  1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ Tubing
  • Argon Purge Restrictor Cut Sheet (PDF)

Tube Clamp Replacements

  • Designed for ARC Machine 9-500 weld head clamp assembly
  • Perfect alignment & tighter hold in tight weld areas
  • Replace one or both side plates instead of the entire clamp assembly
  • Easy to install – worn clamp assemblies can be quickly replaced in the Field
  • 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2”
  • Tube Clamp Replacement Cut Sheet (PDF)


Chillers/Cooling Systems

  • Designed for use with AMI 207 Power Supply
  • Run on their own standard power supply (110AC)
  • Results in more consistent welds, since the power isn’t pulled off of the welder
  • Continuously cools the weldhead, even after the weld is finished (manual shut-off)
  • Filter element is easily accessible and cleaned
  • Has a visual flow indicator
  • Chiller Cut Sheet (PDF)

Remote pendants with 25 & 50 ft extensions

  • Touchscreen membrane & membrane switch
  • Small & lightweight
  • Durable &  Mobile (Velcro strap it to your wrist!)
  • Provided with 25′ control cable (50′ extension cable available upon request)
  • Remote Pendant Cut Sheet (PDF)

‘Strain Relief’ Weld Head Handles & Removable Hook

Many weld heads aren’t designed to protect from strain on weld head cables. As the leads are pulled, the conduit stretches, which eventually causes the tubing and wires to break.

CSI weld head handles incorporate a unique internal “clamp block” into a highly durable injection molded handle.   The clamp block secures the cabling, while absorbing the tensile stress placed on the cables during operation.

A stainless steel hook is also incorporated into the handle design. The hook can swing 300 degrees and can be easily removed or placed on the opposite side of the handle based on user preference.

Weld Head Upgrade, including the ‘Strain Relief’ Handle Cut Sheet (PDF)

‘Zipper-Tubing’ Cable Sheath

CSI also offers  ‘zipper-tubing’ sheath as a jacket for the weld head cables & wires.

  • Clamped into the conduit boss on the new handle design, the sheath will not stretch, and provides a 50% increase in strain relief.
  • Zipper-tubing can be installed without disconnecting wiring/tubing on either end of the cable assembly, and provides easy access to cables and hoses should they need servicing.
  • The sheath material is designed for the UHP environment. It is PVC coated, flexible, light-weight, rugged and tear resistant, and is easy to wipe down.

CSI strives to consistently innovate toward more robust and functional equipment with improved validated systems.