Are your welds: Clean? Straight? Consistent? Full Penetration? The Right Color?

If not, your power supply or weld heads may be at fault. Years of reconditioning our own orbital welding rental fleet has taught us a few things about troubleshooting and repairing orbital equipment. We naturally apply that knowledge to our repair service as well.

Critical Systems is Arc Machines ONLY Outside Repair Technician


As an “AMI shop” we have developed a deep and wide understanding of Arc Machines equipment over the years.  This level of expertise and attention to detail led to AMI appointing Critical Systems as it’s official outside repair technician in the U.S.  In addition to repairing Arc Machines equipment, CSI has developed a number of innovations and product upgrades for AMI products.

Critical Systems Repair Process

CSI provides componentlevel evaluation and field simulation checks on all of our orbital weld repair work including:

  • Visual check (under magnification) for worn-out gears, rotors bearings, pivot pins and clamps.
  • Visual check of mechanical connections on the electrical cables
  • Testing power supplies with a weldhead
  • Thorough functional testing
  • Troubleshooting (Running diagnostics?) on the power supply’s electrical system in the case of issues with functional testing
  • Cycle through the weld programs and process (with purges and chills)
  • Running a weld to ensure that  it is consistent with quality production weld parameters

Quick Turnarond Time on Repair Work

CSI has a number of large and small customers who rely on CSI for their orbital equipment repair, and we understand the need for quick turnaround. CSI carries a sizable inventory of new common consumables and components, providing our customers with excellent turnaround times. In the event that a needed component isn’t on hand, CSI will tap into its network of industry sources, finding those necessary high value components where they are readily available.

Other Repairs

Along with orbital welding equipment, CSI also repairs facing equipment and cutting tools, which are also in our rental fleet.