Since 1976, Arc Machines, Inc. (AMI) has set the standard for precision automated orbital GTAW/TIG welding with the widest range of equipment available on the market.  AMI has a reputation for the highest manufacturing standards, customer service, and quality of materials. All equipment is designed and manufactured in AMI’s headquarters in Pacoima, California (ISO 9001 certified).  The company has a long history of developing orbital welding products for nuclear, semiconductor, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, aerospace, and many others.

Arc Machines, Inc. Product Brochures

The following are AMI’s product brochures.  For additional on-line information, including Operator’s Manuals, Applications, and more, visit the AMI website.

Power Supplies

M217  WDR Orbital Welding Power Supply

M205 Tube Welding Power Supply

M207 Microprocessor Controlled Power Supply

M227 Pipe Welding Power Supply

M307 Feature Rich Tube Welding Power Suppy

M415 Multi-Function Power Supply

Weld Heads

M2 Weld Head for Modular Production

M4_500 Bench-Top Weld Head

M6 Tube to Tubesheet Weld Head

M8 Series Narrow Weld Heads

M9 Series Fusion Weld Heads

M15 Large Diameter Pipe Weld Head

M95 Open Frame Wire Feed Weld Heads

M43 Inside Diameter Weld Head

M52 Heavy Duty Automated Weld Head

M73 Small Bore ID Pipe Weld Head

M79 Series Full Function Weld Heads

M81 Small Diameter Pipe Weld Head

M94 ID Spiral Cladding Weld Head

M95 Open Frame Wire Feed Weld Heads

M96 Tube to Tubesheet GTAW Weld Head


Vision System