Critical Systems Exclusive – Reconditioned / Remanufactured Gas Cabinets & Valve Manifold Boxes

With a track record of 100% contamination-free gas systems (Gas Cabinets & Valve Manifold Boxes) delivered since our inception in 1999 (currently in excess of 1700 systems as of Q2, 2018), Critical Systems is not only the World’s Largest Supplier of Reconditioned / Remanufactured Gas Delivery Systems, but is the ONLY legitimate supplier that can offer remanufactured systems as an alternative to new systems.

Why? Because it is simply not possible to another supplier to do it effectively. Tall claim indeed. Here is why we can say this:

Reconditioned Remanufactured Gas Cabinets

  • Inventory – to reuse a gas system in a new service, it must come from the same family of gas in its previous life or trace contamination absorbed into the elastomers, and in the hard to purge crevices of metal to metal seals will contaminate the new process gas. Suppliers who buy systems “as is” to resell them later simply do not have the inventory to assure that the system quoted directly matches the new process gas. CSI typically has between 300 – 500 systems in stock at any given time, so this isn’t an issue for us.
  • Passwords – All gas cabinet manufacturers password protect their systems. If you don’t have the passwords to the deepest level of access, you can’t get into the controller to change how it was originally set up. CSI has all levels of access into the controllers.
  • Cabinet Sources – CSI’s inventory comes from long standing agreements with certain Mega-Fabs, where the gas delivery systems were ran and subsequently decommissioned by the OEM. We do not buy inventory from unknown sources, off eBay or any of the other used equipment sites. This way we control the quality of the incoming systems which helps assure the quality of the outgoing systems.
  • Quality – CSI only buys the highest quality gas cabinet manufacturers that set the standard for long life and performance. If you want your gas systems to be maintenance free and last for the life of your process, start with the highest quality systems.

COST SAVINGS:  You can expect to save approximately 20% to 50% off the price of an equivalent new gas system from the same vendors.

WARRANTIES: All CSI gas systems are warranted for one year and are guaranteed to be free of contamination when purchased.

ON-SITE STARTUP & TRAINING:  CSI’s Field Service group is made up of industry technicians who spent years operating this type of equipment in production Semiconductor Fabs. You’ll find them to be fast, helpful and highly knowledgeable. Startup and training is quoted with all purchased systems. Field Service Technicians can also be quoted to assist with on-site equipment issues.

Air Products Gasguard Gas Cabinet Upgrades:

Gas Cabinet ServiceTo increase the service life of existing gas cabinets installed in your facility, CSI offers Upgrades and Service for Air Products Gas Systems Controllers. Replacement screens, inverter boards, power supplies, controller parts and gas panel/panel sections are offered.

CSI services the following Air Product Gas Systems: GG450, GG250, AP2, AP3 & AP10

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Critical Systems Inc Gas Cabinet Remanufacturing Process (high level).

  • Incoming gas cabinets are disassembled, controllers and panels removed.  Cabinets and housings are professionally powder coated.
  • Controllers are tested through a proprietary process to assure that the components withing the controller are functioning to specification.  Components not meeting specification are replaced.
  • Gas panels are disassembled, components tested, and replacement panels fabricated to CSI designs to minimize dead volume and maximize purgability.  Transducers and scales are tested for accuracy and regulators tested for positive shutoff and pressure control.
  • Upon order, cabinets are fabricated to meet the customer’s exact requirements.
    – Panels are chosen based on the specific gases and flow rates required.  CSI never used components from a non-compatible gas family in a customer’s cabinet.
    – Panels are templated in the gas cabinet to assure that if replacement parts are needed, they can be quickly shipped from stock.
    – Controllers are selected based on the systems requirements, and set to the customer’s requirements.
  • Completed gas cabinets are then run through a battery of tests to simulate field operation.  Once complete, it is signed off by CSI’s Quality Inspectors and crated for shipment.
  • A systems that has passed CSI’s remanufacturing process has met the highest standards of quality and purity in the industry.  Each systems receives an ‘as new’ warranty and is quoted with on-site startup and training.
  • Full analyticals, including particle, moisture, and oxygen testing, are available on request.

Used “As Is” Gas Cabinet vs. CSI Reconditioned Gas Cabinet

This video explains the problems with buying used gas cabinets (typically found on internet sites) compared to buying a reconditioned / remanufactured gas cabinet from CSI.


The Critical Systems engineering and technical staff has manufactured 1000’s of gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and custom gas panels (reconditioned, remanufactured and new) for virtually all gas types and processes.  Examples of gas cabinet / gas systems provided by CSI are:

  • Pyrophoric and/or Flammable Gases:  Silane (SiH4), Methane (CH4), etc.
  • Corrosive and/or Toxics:  Boron Trichloride (BCl3), Phosphine (PH3), etc.
  • Deposition Processes: CVD (PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD)
  • Nitride Etch, Reactive Ion Etch, Ion Beam Etch Diffusion Processes:
  • Diffusion Processes: Doping Silicon, Oxidation Enhanced

CSI regularly configures Manual, Dual Process Out, Process-Purge, and Auto Crossover systems. Two (2), and three (3) gas cylinder cabinet configurations available.

All CSI gas delivery systems adhere to design and operational standards set by the industry, including:  Compressed Gas Association (CGA), Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Institute (SEMI), and Codes such as the National Fire Prevention Act (NFPA), International Fire Code (IFC), California Fire Code and others.


We started working with Critical Systems back in 2006 when we were buying components from them. Since that time, they’ve continued to meet our expectations for quality, delivery, and price on fabrication jobs and recently gas cabinets. Up to that point, we had been buying only new cabinets. Now, we know that Critical System’s cabinets are reliable, and a great value.

— Troy R., Facilities Maintenance Manager, ON Semiconductor


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CSI’s full service fabrication shop builds a wide range of custom gas systems. Check out our High Purity Fabrication Capabilities page for more information.