CSI has developed the industry leading reconditioning process for all of the gas systems that we provide to the industry. This process has been refined over the years as we’ve reconditioned and delivered over 1000 gas systems in the past decade.

Customization and Assembly

Critical Systems selects the finest preowned gas cabinets, process gas panels, and point-of-use scrubbers available, and inspects each one prior to placing in our inventory.

Every cabinet, gas scrubber, gas panel, and distribution box is thoroughly cleaned, primed and painted, and then assembled to customer specification.


Once assembled, each system is put through a comprehensive testing and inspection procedure including helium leak and pressure decay checks, as well as functional ‘stress testing’ that simulates fab operations.

Certification is completed and double checked by highly experienced gas technicians and CSI’s senior engineering staff. Upon certification, each gas system is purged and Nitrogen charged at time of shipment.

For customers requiring an extra measure of performance metrics on their gas delivery system, Critical Systems offers full particle, moisture and oxygen analyticals available upon request.


Because of our thorough reconditioning process, we confidently offer a 6 month ‘bumper to bumper’ customer satisfaction warranty on our systems.

In addition, we understand the mission critical nature of gas delivery and abatement systems to your process tool, and can provide exceptional turn-around on emergency requests for components, panels, or even fully customized systems.