The TriChem™ Chemical delivery system supports the supply of both TEOS and Dopants/Precursors in a single system with up to four (4) independently controlled/maintained outputs. Our unique design utilizes a fixed TEOS reservoir which feeds the outlets and a replacement source tank that refills the fixed reservoir. This allows the system to operate continually without the need to re-qualify the delivery system when new chemical is added.

– Supplies Three (3) Chemicals to up to Four (4) Tools/Chambers with Independent Operation & Maintenance
– Continuous TEOS/Primary Chemical Supply eliminates Process Requalification after Tank Changes
– Compatible with Multiple Tool Types
– Compatible with Multiple Source Containers

Download CSI TriChem Spec Sheet 2016
Download NV6 TEOS System Facility & Utility Connections 020412


2016-08-03_1106DESIGN & OPERATION:

TEOS/Primary Chemical:Fuel Tank and Outlet Detail
– 5 gallon source tank feeds 3 gallon fixed tank.
– 3 gallon fixed tank automatically refills to maintain 45% level.
– Source tank exchange does not affect chemical delivery to host tools/chambers. Manual valve control for tank exchanges.

– Supports 2 Dopant source containers up to 2 gallon
– No fixed tanks. Dopant source tanks are changed when the process is idle. Manual valve control for tank exchange

Level Monitoring & Control:
– Discrete controller monitors fixed tank levels and automatically refills tank as needed
– Scale monitors and displays source tank weight
– Dopant container levels monitored by level sensor interface or scales (for 1 gal and larger tanks)

Chemical Distribution:Distribution & Degas Module Detail
– Distribution manifolds have dedicated chemical and inert gas purge valves
– Each branch operated independently from the others.
– Each outlet can be fitted with an optional degas module.

Tool & Facility I/O:
– Controller has DI/DO port for each outlet. DI tool permissive contact signal controls chemical supply
from System. DO signals include chemical levels and general system status fault.



Undoped TEOS: 2-outlet (Standard), 4-outlet (Optional). Continuous TEOS dispensing.
Doped TEOS: 2-outlet (Standard), 4-outlet (Optional). Continuous TEOS dispensing. 5-gal TEOS Source (User Supplied). Two source Dopant containers 1.2-liter to 2-gallon (User Supplied). Dopants are not continuously delivered.
Degas Module Option: Each outlet is configurable with a degas module (Added Cost Option)
– Dopant Level Monitoring:
. Direct interface to float switch level sensors that close on decreasing level.
. Direct interface to Air Products-Schumacher Type “SSN” Containers with quartz optical level sensor probes (Added Cost Option)
. Scales (Added Cost Option. Not suitable for containers less than 1 gallon volume.)
Source Tanks & Ampoules: Available upon request at additional cost.



– Dimensions H x W x D, in. (cm): 78” (198) x 30” (76) x 18” (46)
– Clearances, in. (cm): Front 48” (122), Sides 4” (10), Top 24 (61)
– Spill Containment Volume: 11 gal (41.6 liters)

Utility Requirements
– Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 750mA max.
– Enclosure Exhaust: 85 CFM, -0.03 in. H2O duct static pressure, (6” duct)
– Process Helium: 85 psig min., 20 slm max flow rate
– CDA: 85 psig min., 2 slm max flow rate
– General N2 (Vacuum Generator): 80 psig, 20 slm max flow
– Vacuum source for degasser

Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/50 Hz, 750 mASD4-C Controller
Control Inputs:
– Source Tank Scale/Level switches
– Fixed Tank Leels: (4 Levels)
– Spill Sensor
– CDA Pressure
– Helium Push/Purge Gas Pressure Controls:
– Degasser Vacuum – Auto Fill On-Off
– Degasser Liquid Leak – Manual Fill Pushbutton
Chamber I/O: – Reset Sonic Alarm
– Source A, B, C Level Empty Output Display:
– TEOS System OK Output – Source A (TEOS) Tank Weight (kg), Color changing display (Grn
– Chamber OK Input – Source A, B, C Low & Empty
Facility I/O: – Fixed Tank Level / Filling Status
– Source A, Level Low & Empty Outputs – System Status
– External Shut-Down Input • CDA, Inert Gas, Degas Vacuum
– System General Warning Output • Chem Spill, Degas Leak, Status (GRN, YEL, RED)
– System General Fault Output • Tool (Chamber) 1-4 Permissive Status
– Auto Fill On-Off
– Leak – Manual Fill Pushbutton
– Reset Sonic Alarm
– Source A, Level Low & Empty Outputs – System Status
– Source A, B, C Low & Empty
– Fixed Tank Level / Filling Status
– System Status
. CDA, Inert Gas, Degas Vacuum
. Chem Spill, Degas Leak, Status (GRN, YEL, RED)
. Tool (Chamber) 1-4 Permissive Status


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