We start with the finest pre-owned VMBs and VMPs available.

CSI’s Valve Manifold Boxes (VMB’s) are designed and built by premier gas system OEMs, such as Air Products, Praxair, Air Liquide, and Semi-Gas, and adhere to the strictest safety and purity requirements of the semiconductor industry. All of CSI’s VMB’s inventory was operated and decommissioned by industry professionals, and are in excellent condition.

Customizing and Reconditioning

Gas distribution boxes are modified for the particular gases required by our customers. Components are tested, cleaned, and (if necessary) replaced. The controller software is reconfigured, and the system is calibrated to provide gas pressures and flow rates that your process demands.

Critical Systems Certification

As with our reconditioned gas cabinets, CSI puts all of our VMBs and VMPs systems through an extensive evaluation and certification procedure. Our 38 point checklist ensures that a CSI Certified system meets the highest standards of purity and quality.  Full analyticals — particle, moisture and oxygen testing — is also available upon request.

On-site commissioning and ongoing support.

After your VMBs have been facilitated, a CSI technician will arrive at your facility, upload the current software revisions, perform an extensive check to ensure cabinets are functioning properly. Next, the technician(s) will conduct detailed training to ensure 100% comfort with running your cabinet.

CSI provides complimentary post sales support should you have question, need components, or require cabinet modifications or upgrades.

Valve Manifold Panels (VMPs)

Valve Manifold Panels (VMPs) are located either on, or in the immediate vicinity of the process tool. It is here that the gas is controlled to the setpoints required by the process it feeds. VMPs often do not have a controller, but instead feed it outputs and receives inputs from the process tool itself. Common components consist of valves, regulators, mass flow devices, pressure sensors and filtration. CSI calibrates and certifies the panel to exact pressure and flow rate required by the process.


Valve Manifold Box Spec Sheet