Products / Systems Customization

Gas systems from our inventory are matched and customized to your specifications.

Customized Gas Cabinets & Panels

Based on customer requirements, configuration specs, and the gases being used, CSI selects the type of cabinet to use (inert, toxic, corrosive, pyrophoric, etc). From our large inventory, we choose both the gas cabinet and the process panels that best match the gas to be used. Regulators and DISS or CGG fittings are selected, excess flow switches are verified, and the cabinet is assembled and is prepped for testing and certification.

Customized Gas Abatement Systems

The right point-of-use gas scrubber is selected for reconditioning based on the mix of gases coming from the process tool, along with the facility capabilities and configuration of the customer. Does the customer have a waste treatment system? Is there access to water? Is there a sub-fab to run the lines to? All questions are taken into consideration to best fit the scrubber technology with the requirements of the process tool. At all times, lead time, serviceability and cost are kept in mind to provide a solution that is the best fit for the customer.

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Since 1998, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing Gas Cabinet, Valve Manifold Boxes & Gas Abatement Systems (Gas Cabinets and Gas Scrubbers, etc.), and Orbital Welding Rental, Lease, Repair and Training Services related to process tool facilitation for Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and related industries. Company headquarters are in Boise, ID USA, with additional locations in Shrewsbury, PA USA – Draper, UT USA – and our new European Sales and Service center in the Netherlands.