Reconditioned Gas Cabinets.

RECONDITIONED AND WARRANTIED.   Customized Cabinets for Your Specific Process. Significant Savings vs. a New Gas Cabinet.

The Critical Systems engineering and technical staff has reconditioned and customized 1000’s of gas cabinets and other gas systems used for a virtually all gas types and processes.  We can supply a gas cabinet for:

  • Pyrophoric and/or Flammable Gases:  Silane (SiH4), Methane (CH4), etc.
  • Corrosive and/or Toxics:  Boron Trichloride (BCl3), Phosphine (PH3), etc.
  • Deposition Processes: CVD (PECVD, LPCVD, MOCVD)
  • Nitride Etch, Reactive Ion Etch, Ion Beam Etch Diffusion Processes:
  • Diffusion Processes: Doping Silicon, Oxidation Enhanced

CSI regularly configures Manual, Process-Process, Process-Purge, and Auto Crossover systems.   1, 2, and 3 gas cylinder cabinet configurations available.

CSI currently has several upgrade packages for Air Products GG500 and AP3 controllers to extend their service life. Contact us to discuss the details.  Contact us to discuss the details.

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All CSI gas delivery systems adhere to design and operational standards set by the industry, including:  Compressed Gas Association (CGA), Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Institute (SEMI), and the International Fire Code (IFC).


Critical Systems sources only the highest quality pre-owned gas cabinets that have been properly maintained.

Each gas cabinet considered by CSI has been professionally owned, operated, and decommissioned by major fabrication facilities in the US.  Additionally, we thoroughly inspect each cabinet prior to purchase.  All of CSI’s used cabinet inventory comes from the most reputable gas delivery systems OEM’s including Air Products, Air Liquide, Semi-Gas, and Praxair.

CSI’s large gas cabinet inventory ensures ease of customization and quick turnaround

CSI has over 700 gas cabinets and other gas delivery systems in stock, which enables us to quickly match customer specifications.    We specialize in fully and semi-automatic process gas delivery systems that gives us the basis to match virtually any process.   Whether your process tool calls for an Ammonia or Chlorine, Germane or Phosphine – we can configure a gas cabinet or any other gas delivery system to meet virtually any process requirement.

Detailed Reconditioning & Certification Process for All Gas Cabinets

All CSI gas systems (cabinets, rack units, VMBs and VMPs) are professionally reconditioned and tested to ensure all systems meet manufacturer’s specifications.

Reconditioning Process

On-Site Start up, Warranty, and Ongoing Support

Once your gas cabinet has been installed and facilitated, a CSI will technician come to your facility to upload any final software revisions, and check systems once again to ensure proper functioning.   The technician will then conduct detailed training with your staff and make sure that you are confident in running your cabinet.

Our service doesn’t stop there.  We take pride in providing excellent ongoing support of your gas cabinet, whether it’s in answering simple questions or you require modifications to your cabinet.    And, your CSI system is covered by a comprehensive 6 month warranty.

Used “As Is” Gas Cabinet vs. CSI Reconditioned Gas Cabinet

This video explains the problems with buying used gas cabinets (typically found on internet sites) compared to buying a reconditioned gas cabinet from CSI.


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