Wet/Dry/Air Exhaust Gas Scrubbers

Reconditioned & Warrantied Point-of-Use Gas Abatement Systems. Wet/Dry/Air Exhaust Gas Scrubbers at a Significant Savings 

CSI Buys Only Well Maintained Gas Scrubbers for Reconditioning

Critical Systems purchases only top-of-the-line pre-owned Point-of-Use Gas Scrubbers from OEMs such as GuardianDelatech, Vector, and Edwards.  Each of these scrubbers were used in and professionally decommissioned from major semiconductor fabrication plants throughout the U.S, and are thoroughly inspected before being purchased.

To Purchase Replacement Canisters for All Manufacturers of Dry Bed Scrubbers or to Purchase New Dry Bed Scrubbers, call 877-572-5515. Mention Discount Code: “10offDry” for a 10% Discount on your first order.

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Quick Turnaround on Gas Scrubbers for All Silicon Wafer Processes

Critical Systems has provided 100’s of reconditioned point-of-use gas scrubbers for many different vacuum silicon wafer processes, including:  Etch, TEOS & TEPO, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Solar, Thin Film, and Epitaxial (Epi).   We usually deliver gas scrubbers customized to your specification in within 2 weeks.

CSI’s Design Service:  Providing an Additional Level of Value

There are many factors that play into a safe, well-functioning, and efficient process.   CSI’s engineers and technicians have years of fab experience, and bring that expertise to bear when configuring a gas abatement tool for your unique process.    Our staff also has extensive experience on the front side of the tool, and can provide perspective and recommendations on gas cabinets or other gas delivery systems.

CSI’s Reconditioning Process

After a detailed discussion, the Critical Systems Abatement team will tailor your gas scrubber to the specified gases to be abated, as well as process flow rates & conditions. Each scrubber is fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned of any residue, and then is reconditioned using our detailed process.  After the scrubber has been reassembled, each function of the scrubber, all processes, and alarms are tested to assure that it is operating exactly as it should.   At that point, the gas scrubber is CSI Certified.

We realize the importance of a properly functioning abatement system to the process tool.   That is the reason our reconditioning process, as well as our on-site commissioning and on-going support, are so comprehensive.  We also back our scrubbers with a 6 month ‘bumper to bumper’ warranty, and offer extended warranties as well.

On-Site Commissioning, Training, and Continuing Support

A Critical Systems Field Service Engineer will arrive at your facility to

  • check the facilities to the scrubber
  • start up the scrubber
  • run the gas scrubber through a series of operational tests

Once those steps is completed, the CSI rep will provide detailed, hands on training on the scrubber.   The customer is provided accompanying documentation on the system and contact information in the event that there are additional questions, comments.   We strongly encourage and welcome ongoing dialogue.

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