What Our Customers Are Saying...

We have been working with Critical Systems for about 2 years now.  The first order that we gave them was for a reconditioned HCl cabinet and a couple of Silane panels.   The next order was for a couple more cabinets that were needed in a hurry.  I recommended Critical Systems even though that facility had always bought new cabinets.   It was the right call – the cabinets were delivered on time, and were brought on line without any issues.   The latest order was for an emergency situation.  We had an abatement tool crash on us, and we were down.   They got an abatement tool to us in 3 days, which helped us get back in production quickly.   Their reconditioned tools are top notch and a great value – I would recommend CSI to anyone.

— Mike D.
Senior Equipment Engineer, Fairchild Semiconductor

We bought a reconditioned scrubber system from CSI and hired them to do the support process installation for a new tool. Their work was professional and efficient. But most importantly, Todd helped us correct a couple of issues that would have been a disaster if he hadn’t brought them to our attention. At the end of the project we have a safe, efficient system that was very cost effective to start up. We wouldn’t hesitate to purchase additional equipment or services from Critical Systems.

— Jeffrey F.
Manager, Northern California Nanotechnology Center at UC Davis

We started working with Critical Systems back in 2006 when we were buying components from them. Since that time, they’ve continued to meet our expectations for quality, delivery, and price on fabrication jobs and recently gas cabinets. Up to that point, we had been buying only new cabinets. Now, we know that Critical System’s cabinets are reliable, and a great value.

— Troy R.
Facilities Maintenance Manager, ON Semiconductor

CSI, Thanks again for the help you and your team have given us during our recent ramp-up in Portland. Your quick turnaround on the orbital equipment and technical support made it much easier for us to coordinate our efforts. We appreciate the collaboration and expertise that you guys offer.

— Bill J.
Fabrication Manager, Apollo Mechanical

We knew that our project was going to require a sophisticated and fully customized gas panel. We eventually found Critical Systems, and sent them the schematics.  They were able to source all the necessary components to meet our specs, and they delivered on time allowing us to meet a very tight deadline.

— Mark B.
Mechanical Engineer, Experience Engineering

CSI designed and delivered a silane cabinet and custom valve manifold box for my university laboratory. More importantly, they willingly provided their expert advice on all things related to gas delivery—expertise that both I (a faculty member) and the university lacked. This proved to be essential to the successful installation of the gas handling system, including elements not supplied by CSI.  They delivered the cabinet and VMB on schedule, and made commissioning of the cabinet a piece of cake. Tom was very responsive to my questions—we exchanged numerous emails and phone calls—and, if anything went wrong (even if it was my fault), they did what was needed to fix the problem promptly.

— Zack H, PhD
School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering, Arizona State University

A true pleasure working with you.  In a time when more and more businesses are charging for phone support, I find CSI a breath of fresh air!  Thanks so much! -Dan

— Dan

The AMI equipment training you provided to us these past 2 days was very informative and educational.  John, you are a very talented teacher - articulate, knowledgeable, and thorough.  You gave us a great understanding of how to perform fusion orbital welding.  I now know how the power supply and cooling systems work, and how the weld heads perform.   The other thing that was the most valuable were the troubleshooting techniques, and 'rules of thumb' for maintaining the machines.

— Mark B.
Walker Hi-Tech

We saved a ton of money on a scrubber from Critical Systems, and even got some customized features that they were able to quickly find for us. About 10 months later, we called them to investigate what we thought was a problem with the scrubber. It turned out that it was an upstream systems issue that Todd figured out. He showed us what it was and how to to avoid the problem going forward. Great product and great service from beginning to end.

— Bob D.
Equipment Engineering Manager , Soraa Incorporated

Critical Systems does all of our high purity fabrication work. One of our most important customers requires next day delivery on a lot of unique tube assemblies, and we don’t trust that to anyone else. 

— Bob B.
Equipment Engineer, Kokusai Semiconductor

CSI has provided excellent vendor support to us and our clients. They’ve provided invaluable technical support to IES in our engineering designs on a variety of projects involving gas delivery and abatement systems for the microelectronics and PV solar industries, as well as specialty designs for bio-pharmaceutical applications. They’ve also continued to support IES’ clients on schedule, start-up, and maintenance of the systems once installed and have never failed to respond.

— Jeff T.
Principal, Integrated Engineering Services

We initially purchased a rebuilt Scrubber from someone else that didn't work as it should have.   We ended up contacting Critical Systems, which was definitely a good move.   Not only did they provide us a top-notch rebuilt Delatech Scrubber, but they were able to quickly do the start-up AND fix the one that had problems.     As far as technical expertise and customer service, they were great.    I would highly recommend Critical Systems.

— Jason T.
Facilities Technician, Moxtek, Inc.

Thank you for a well-organized, very informative and interesting orbital welding training session here at UC Berkeley. Your presentation on "Orbital Welding" was very well received by our staff. The information you presented and the additional reference material you provided were both technical and presented in a manner that kept everybody's attention, not an easy task! Our only regret is that we didn't have more time to discuss "Orbital Welding" with you for an extended period of time. This is the 2nd time my staff and I have attended "Orbital Welding" training sessions. Your presentation was by far more beneficial to us then the previous class we attended. In particular I would like to acknowledge your ability to assess the level of experience and technical expertise we had as a group, and tailor the sessions to our capabilities. Although the sessions were fun and light hearted, no time was wasted. Your explanations of expected weld results were brief and accurate. The hands on portion of the sessions went extremely well. Your teaching techniques have brought us to a level of understanding weldments, to correct process and program deficiencies, in order to achieve "acceptable" welds. Everybody not only enjoyed the sessions but noticeably benefited from them. This was obvious at the "hands on" part of the class when everybody "solved" the conditions you sabotaged to spoil the weldment. We hope that you enjoyed meeting the members of The Cory Hall Machine Shop. We look forward to working with you when we have questions and issues with our process. Thank you again for such an informative and interesting training session.

— Benjamin J. Lake Jr.
The Cory Hall Machine Shop

Don, Thanks for the quick turnaround on the HCL Sample Box. As always, great job.  

— Dave W.
Facilities Manager, Globitech, Inc.

I am very pleased with the fabrications Critical Systems has done for my research group. They were professional, responsive, and offered many good suggestions for implementing the gas rack design. The weld joints were smooth enough to be practically invisible. They do good work, quickly, and for a good price.  They are my first pick for clean gas line fabrication.   

— Mark W.
Micro Electronics Lab at the University of Notre Dame

We've used Critical Systems for many years. They have provided everything from complete gas panels, to splitter boxes, and several one-of-a kind gas lines.  Their products have helped us greatly in tool conversions and experiments. They've always provided fast turnaround that helps us stay on schedule. Their products are exceptional in terms of quality and craftsmanship. We never have any leaks or particle issues. They make it just like we draw it, and their finished product is always exact.

— Gary W.
F2 CVD Equipment Owner, IM Flash Technologies, LLC

Critical Systems supplied us with a reconditioned gas cabinet and scrubbers that saved our customer a lot of money, which was great. But maybe an even bigger thing was their service. During the install, they identified an issue in the gas flow routing that was unsafe, and might have been a disaster.  They ended up working on the flow routing design that afternoon, and had completed by the next day.

— Frank M
Engineering Project Coordinator, TTFC & Associates

We were struggling with chronic leaks on a couple of our high pressure BF3 panels, and we sent them to Critical Systems.    They completely refurbished and leak tested them at a fraction of the cost of a new panel from the OEM.  I have been very pleased with their work, and would have no hesitation in recommending CSI.

— Allan T.
Equipment Engineer, Atmel Corp.

Hello Tom, It was nice meeting you and some of your workers during the audit I performed for my customer. The place looks Great!  Nice shop! I was impressed with your abilities and the cleanliness of the facility! Keep up the good work! Thanks, Kerry  

— Kerry McCoy
Superintendent, AM Technical Solutions - IM Flash Technologies, Lehi

Since 1998, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing Gas Cabinet, Valve Manifold Boxes & Gas Abatement Systems (Gas Cabinets and Gas Scrubbers, etc.), and Orbital Welding Rental, Lease, Repair and Training Services related to process tool facilitation for Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and related industries. Company headquarters are in Boise, ID USA, with additional locations in Shrewsbury, PA USA – Draper, UT USA – and our new European Sales and Service center in the Netherlands.