High Purity Valves

15% to 30% Cost Savings vs. distributor ‘street price’

60% Savings on Reconditioned Valves

Through sources and buying power, Critical Systems carries a large inventory of new ‘surplus’ as well as used High Purity and Instrumentation Valves.  Consequently, we can offer gas valves  for a substantial savings over the distributor ‘street price’. CSI offers Diaphragm Valves, Bellows Valves, High Purity Ball Valves, Check Valves and more. End connections are tube stub, VCR and compression. Our inventory is from the largest manufacturers, including APTech, Tescom, Veriflo, Nupro, Hamlet and Parker.

New Valve Inventory

Critical Systems acquires and offers a wide selection of new ‘surplus’ UHP valves from various sources across the country. All valve inventory is “new in the box,” enabling CSI to provide at a substantial cost savings – typically 15% to 30% less than traditional distributor pricing.

Reconditioned Valve Inventory

In addition, CSI also offers ‘refurbished’ valves that have been used on professionally decommissioned Inert Gas Systems. As with all of our used inventory, CSI runs these valves through an inspection procedure including a nitrogen purge, helium leak, and pressure decay checks.  Once testing is completed, documented, and double-checked, components are then repackaged for shipment.

Since 1998, Critical Systems, Inc. (CSI) has been providing Gas Cabinet, Valve Manifold Boxes & Gas Abatement Systems (Gas Cabinets and Gas Scrubbers, etc.), and Orbital Welding Rental, Lease, Repair and Training Services related to process tool facilitation for Semiconductor, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and related industries. Company headquarters are in Boise, ID USA, with additional locations in Shrewsbury, PA USA – Draper, UT USA – and our new European Sales and Service center in the Netherlands.