Vector Exhaust Gas Scrubber

Vector Scrubbers provide efficient, high flow wet abatement for all water soluble effluent gases

The Vector® ULTRA 3000 Wet Scrubber features a 2-stage water system that removes water–soluble effluent gases and particulates with greater than 99% efficiency.   An optional chemical injection system can provide even greater efficiencies for some processes.    The Vector is a proven gas abatement system for a TEOS or TEPO Process, because the mixture of gases from those processes can only be using water.   The Vector gas scrubber is also a proven solution for certain Solar PV, Etch, CVD, and Epi processes.   An extensive database of applications and removal efficiencies is used to customize the best solution for a given process.

The primary stage uses a co–current, cylindrical packed–column design with high recirculating water flow while a counter–current second–stage provides further treatment of the effluent gases. This efficient design allows for water consumption as low as 0.5 gpm and contributes to its low cost of ownership. Multiple safety features include double containment, built–in redundancy, safety containment, and a PLC–based monitoring and control system.

Critical Systems purchases high quality used gas scrubbers that have been properly maintained and professionally decommissioned. Each unit is customized, fully reconditioned, and certified to perform as new. As with all CSI reconditioned systems, our gas scrubbers are backed by a 6 month ‘cover-to-cover warranty.

Vector Reconditioning Process:

  • Scrubber Assembly is Removed, Decontaminated and Cleaned Internally and Externally.
  • Spray Bar checked and tested.
  • Polishing Scrubber replaced.
  • Remove the pump and test.
  • The cabinet and frame are cleaned and painted if needed.
  • The Vector is Reassembled, Tested for Functionality and  Sensor and Alarms are Checked for Correct Operation.
  • The Vector is then Tested at Full Temperature for 24 Hours to Ensure Good Working Order.

Vector Selection Criteria:

  • Soluble gases
  • Individual & Total Gas Flow Rates
  • Duty Cycle
  • Footprint
  • Port sizes (1.5” to 4”)
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